Mark darling

Do you worry about your child’s education?
Perhaps I can help.


A parent said:

“Mark Darling tutored my daughter in Math’s prior to her GCSE exam as the independent school she was attending had failed completely in teaching the syllabus to her. The task he was given, and the time in which he had to do it, was daunting, but he was patient and thorough and my daughter was able to gain a decent grade. Mark also tutored my son in Physics prior to his GCSE exam, which was his weakest Science section. He passed with an A. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to any parent.”

A student said:

“The regular tutoring sessions throughout the year helped to drill the mathematical ideas into my head and made them feel like second nature. These sessions were very good and very clear. On occasions, I would have liked more opportunity to work through a problem under guidance rather than following the solutions, but this is a minor point. Overall, the tutoring made me more confident, it made revision easier and helped me to achieve a higher grade than I would have achieved otherwise.“